JPS Kali Harad | Black Myrobalan


Key Features:

    • Black Himej is chewed to increase the digestion power
    • If it is consumed after food, it helps to eliminate all the toxic effects due to food poisoning
    • If it is consumed along with salt, it balances Kapha.
    • If it is consumed with sugar, it balances Pitta and if consumed with ghee, it balances Vata disorders.
    • Free from Harmful Chemicals, Pesticides & No Additives

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About Product:

It is dry, warm, slightly sweet and cures tridosas. It is bitter and astringent so cures pitta and cough. Black harad, devdaru and turmeric- all these are beneficial for curing dosas. Harad cures kapha and pitta. Harad contains all five rasas but no adverse effect. Therefore the same harad is used for many diseases. The harad kernel is sweet, the veins are sour, the stem bitter, the bark vitriolic, the pith astringent

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